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2019 Emerald Coast Poker Run
Safety Rules

2019 Safety Meetings:

Location: The Island beach Resort (formerly the Ramada Plaza beach Resort)

Thursday (8/8/19): 5pm

Friday (8/9/19): 8am and 5pm

Saturday (8/10/19): 8am

** Every captain must attend a safety meeting to qualify and participate in the Poker Run. **

  • 1. This is NOT a race. Safety is the top priority of the Poker Run.
  • 2. Always obey the rules of the water, & safe boating operation. Obey all No Wake Zones, & keep a safe distance from other boats.
  • 3. Captains of all boats must attend a safety briefing. All captains are required to read & be knowledgeable of the Event Summary & Safety Rules.
  • 4. Emerald Coast Poker Run designated numbers must be visible when approaching each stop.
  • 5. Any captain caught drinking, or under the influence, will be removed from the Poker Run, & reported to local water patrol. A zero tolerance policy is in place and local law personal will arrest you, period.
  • 6. Captains must use the kill switch safety lanyard during the Poker Run.
  • 7. Select a Co-Captain to be a look out for other boats.
  • 8. USCG approved vests must be worn by everyone on the boat, at all times, while the boat is in motion.
  • 9. Captain must operate at safe speed at all times for water and traffic conditions to insure safe operation of the boat.
  • 10. All boats must be registered & provide proof of liability insurance.
  • 11. All participants riding in the boat must sign the Event Liability Waiver.
  • 12. Disobeying any of these rules may result in disqualification from the event.
  • 13. If you see any unsafe practices, please call the Poker Run Safety Number: (850) 974.1023


Sea Tow Destin: (850) 837-4152

Boat US: (850) 395-2628

USCG Station Destin: (850) 244-7147

Okaloosa Sheriff: (850) 651-7400

FWB Police Dept: (850) 833-9900


Destin: (850) 837-8413

Ft. Walton Beach: (850) 833-9500

Ocean City-Wright: (850) 862-1185